Who We Are

We control our products from the farm to the store shelf, so you get the freshest food available. A perfect example are our farm fresh, all natural eggs! Keller’s eggs are the freshest you can buy. There is no middle man, so our prices are kept down and our eggs are never held in storage waiting for distribution. Paul Keller delivers the farm fresh eggs straight to our stores, in his own truck. Your family can enjoy fresh nutritious eggs immediately. Our poultry is humanely raised; no hormones, antibiotics or growth stimulants are ever used. You can definitely see and taste a difference in Keller’s fresh eggs! Keller’s makes shopping fun, with a helpful staff and the greatest selection of quality foods available. Keller’s staff includes experts in Food PreparationCatering & EntertainingNutrition and Agriculture to answer questions. Our meat and deli are full service.


2912 Eubank NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112